Welcome to the 3D Quiz!  This quiz was created for the Diocesan Development Day 7th October - there are no prizes but if you want to have a go for fun please feel free.

There are 18 questions and should take approximately 10 mins

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What are the two missing words in the Diocesan Vision Statement

The Diocese of Sheffield is called to grow a __________ network of Christ-like, lively and diverse Christian communities in every place which are effective in making ____________ and in seeking to transform our society and God’s world. *

When was the Diocese of Sheffield formed? *

Approximately how many parishes are there in the Diocese? *

Select the TWO churches that are in the Doncaster ARCHDEACONRY *

Select the FOUR titles that are part of the 17 St Peter's College courses *

Marks will be deducted for wrong answers

The St Peter's College Resource Centre holds approximately how many items? *

How many Deaneries are there in each Archdeaconry? *

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Well, you're halfway through, with {{var_score}}/9 points so far. Let's be honest, you need to raise your game, {{answer_IGPRMO5K3pDo}}.  We hear green tea is good for stimulating the mind...

St Peter's College is... *

YES or NO - You are now able to access all of the titles in our Resource Centre using our online library?

What features make St Peter's website a great resource for the whole Diocese? *

*Marks will be deducted for wrong answers

What is the 'My Learning Plan' resource for members? *

What features would you expect to find in a Digital Learning Environment? *

St Peter's College now has its own online learning platform learning.stpeterscollege.org.uk

What is the diocesan programme called 'natter'? *

In which Diocese was Bishop Pete previously based? *

What is Godly Play? *

In this Diocese what does MAP stand for? *

That's it...you're done!
Before we tell you your final score these are the prizes & we'll email you to tell you who's won:

Thank you to the following for their generous prizes to make the quiz a bit more fun...

FIRST PRIZE - 1 case of Advent Calendars and 90 Chocolate giveaways for alternative Halloween events - The Meaningful Chocolate Company plus a £50 Book Voucher - CLC Bookshop

- £100 gift for your church  Andrew Silley Utility Energy Consultant to churches

- 90 cups of quality coffee  BySea Coffee Company plus a
1 year free subscription Parish Pump the essential website for church magazine editors plus 60 Meaningful Giveaways
Oh... one final thing in the event of a tie break - how many FEET is it from Sheffield to Goole as the crow flies *

Hint: it's between 120,000 and 240,000 feet
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